Ivalice Boy
Can anyone enlighten me if she's worth it. bcs for me i find her worth it because of the monk and thief job making her more speedy while being a bruiser
No not really, she isn't that much of a bruiser at all, more like a pea shooter.
worth for her special equipment TMR
You won't use her as primary damage dealer (maybe to build chain for other darkness damage dealer). Her biggest assets is her fast speed and Steal Time ability.
If you find it worthy then so be it man. Why asking other people opinion. People are stupid
<< Anonymous
Your comment is stupid and useless, very often people are uncertain about a character and want to hear the opinion of someone with more experience to do some accurate evaluation (weird someone of your "intelligence" is not able to figure it out). Your childish attitude is unhelpful and not appreciated nor funny, get away from this site.
<< Anonymous
sucha dumbass answer
<< Anonymous
People are stupid, yes YOU are stupid. What a dumb 🔥 answer, that's the reason he's looking for advice you 🔥ing idiot.


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Rafale should not be on the list…
Lol why?
Guild: Eurekan Ward Leader: Appa Guild ID: 2470352982 Division: Aries III Statues...
What is the recommendation for this item - Vital, Barrier, or Shield? TY in advance.
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