Magicite Farming Quest

Magicite Farming Quest in War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Rewards, item drop, tips, and event guide.
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update 21/02/2020
Magicite Farming Quest
English (EN)Magicite Farming Quest
Japanese (日本語)魔石獲得クエスト


JP Server (JST): Feb 21 ~ March 1st 4:59


・You can play the quests 3 times a day.

・Recommended unit level is 60 and recommended job level is 10.

・There are 8 quests for each element.

First Completion Reward

50 Lapis for each quest

Quest Missions

No knocked out unit Magicite small x10
No guest unitMagicite mid x10
3 or more element chainsMagicite large x10

Item Drops

Magicite small, mid, large, and extreme.


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Correction: Hourn becomes Hourne
Guild: Weltschmerz ID: 1.398.772.801 User: 13/26 Rank: Bronze 1 Statue: 3/3/3/3 Multi-lang...
If you want to throw rocks with Squire go with Assault, the imo better sub job is Spell Blade and...
tiny to be precise
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