is she coming out next for global? It would be weird because her subjob kotodama mage is not available as a main job yet in global. Imagine they introduce a powerful job as a subjob??
you're right.. i guess gumi don't have a choice but to release summer kitone before sakura then
<< Anonymous
welp nvm, it is confirmed that she will be released this week!
<< Anonymous
I think gl may only get holiday based limiteds, not seasonal
Isn't that just a staff mage?
The skills read that way.
<< Anonymous
There's a lot that's almost like the opposite of staff mage, energy buster is replaced by aoe courage dispel, step and mag is replaced by an L damage equivalent, and where staff mage can increase resistances, kotodama can increase resistance penetration

Kind of like ramza and cecil being similar in terms of support, one for offense and one for defense


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