Why Altema site put her in SS ?
Dark Mage
I think its bcoz she is almost the same with Mediena but being a Lightning Type. But for me she has more edge coz of White Mage with Holy and Raise skill which gives her more versatility.
Yeah - I don't know why this site put her at a lower rank. She is a powerhouse for a MR/SSR character. One of the best SSRs in JP.
<< Anonymous(Dark Mage)
She definitely a better version than Mediena. Good for pvp.
<< Anonymous
how is she better though? both are mages with subjob ninja. there are no strong water units either where her element would matter. and she has no LB.
<< Anonymous(Beau)
She has white mage for support while Mediena does not. Salire's has slightly better resistance to slash, pierce, missile, and blunt since Mediena's resistance are -20% flat. Salire's mastery ability is twice as better than Mediena.
<< Anonymous(Beau)
I find her very versatile since she has similar skills with mediena and you can also use her as support. If you don't have Ayaka, she can be a good alternative.
<< Anonymous(Beau)
Miranda is strong imo
<< Anonymous(Beau)
Salire has the capabilities with Holy to 🔥 dodge built teams while still offering strong support and damage to her team. Tmr can be solid choice to run and is comparable damage to Mediena. Her ai also behaves with a much better order of choices and especially when subbed whm. She will stay back and use protect and shell and actually used tmrs.


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Locke 1
What is the best VC/Espers for Him?
Thanks! Good gun-combo indeed
Celes 3
waifu or not if she is a game changer i got for her
Cayanne 10
Into a cutscene he used a knife. And into a battle with him like an ally, he is fire.
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