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that list is totally wrong both for japanese and global completly unreliable.Frederika is 🔥 tier in japan,engel is low tier
Fredricka is at the highest tier on this list. Engel is considered S tier for every JP tier list I've seen so far, so I'm really not sure what your argument is.
<< Anonymous(Sky)
When warrior of light came engel become obsolete much more when agrias came in. There S(ss) and A(s) tier on jp. engel is just A(s) tier. If we are talking about obtainable shards then he is still be stuck in there cause japan is on magic meta.
The best long range attacker, with a chaining skill, same element as Orlandeu, disables, great agi is 🔥 tier... Sure bro, Frede is a beast and will still be so for a long time. By the way engelbert has a much higher defense than wol, so he is strictly not obsolete. My global S tier list is very much this minus Ayaka since there is rarele space or need for a healer at this time
<< Anonymous(Sky)
Nope, Mediena is the top 1. She can 1 hit Engelbert and all characters with Flare. Flare deals MAXIMUM non-elemental magic damage, the highest damage skill in the game. Just pump her with more hp, and if she survived the 2nd wave in pvp then she can eliminate the rest like ants.
<< Anonymous
my mediena 79 cant do 1 hit 79 engelbert with maxed flare, mag up vis, mag atk vis. but yeah it hit pretty hard and can 1 hit orlandu
<< Anonymous(CealX)
I'll stay with my comment wol is better by far than engelbert. When it comes to tanking you need to be able to withstand both physical and magical attacks to get that tanking benefit. I won't argue with engelbert high def and hp he's better when it comes to it but that becomes useless on the jp side as hate was recently nerfed. Each time you get hit your hate goes down by 1 goes up when you hit.
<< Anonymous(CealX)
Global should be ready about this unless you want to sub monk on engelbert aoe and chain more hits. You would be warry of hate going down. Wol can generate hate while increasing def and spr. Strap in a leonis castle card and you'll have a more tanky unit for both magic and physical units.


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Varush 5
his normal attack is magical, it's 100 times better than elena's
The EX improvement to devotion is quite good, and you lose that with lancer sub-job. Depends on ...
Unfortunately, Robb's EX improvements almost force you to choose samurai as your sub job, so...
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