How to beat Odin lvl 90


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Use abilities with guaranteed hit like Holy and Sharpshoot. Cloud’s Triple Slash+ can be used to get the chain reward.
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Leveling after 3* really pain
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Element doesnt matter, but make sure you can make 3 elemental chain..
At slash chain 3 my SKilphe can deal 11999 dmg already
Just use slash chain, haste, quicken
Recommended using gears that give more accuracy, or use guaranteed hit moves. Then have a designated tank to avoid splash damage.

More detailed here:
There's a cheat code for this level. On the start screen press: up, c, Down, c, left, c, Right, c, a,b,c, start. That should auto-complete the Odin stage for you.
You reduce his HP to 0
The go to method for beating is generally a large stick.

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Diablo only 30% MaG Up not 50%
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