i hate JP because we all know what will happen to future im quite disapointed because in one event they made like 45 pierce resistant which make glaciela and kain useles in the future . i realy want glaciela badly but what happen with leviathan esper its like she wil be so useles..45 pierce resistant with all the item VC, esper and aditional water resitant.

8days ago


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1days ago
This is not a game where one character fits all, unfortunately. You would be best investing into a variety of different characters.
4days ago
glaciela have slashing and striking attack type
7days ago
Thats why i think it's important to have a very balanced squad. Have at at least one of each element and attack types. Nevertheless, i think all those resist will eventually occur to all the attack types, just a matter of time and they might also release ignore pierce resist in the future just like aigaion. I would say dont worry bout it and go for it if you want.
8days ago
true they are planning to end spear meta and gona make something new

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