If I use dupicate mode on my phone like the pic I will be banned?


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Thank for your answer. ^^
Thank you for your question. I don't think you get banned. This website doesn't ban at least.

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Didn't see an option to request information... so Ill do it here in hopes the moderators see...

Thief Skill level?

Do I need to max this out to be fully efficient, or it is not worth to max it at all?

Who should I invest in?

I have Engelbert, Mediena and Sterne

How can i un equipped my weapon?

I want un equipped to craft +1 weapon but it still equipped :(

Multiquest not connecting

Attempting to join or start a multiquest prompts a message that I have a bad internet connection ...

Some questions about guild barracks

Is the guild barracks a shared barrack for the whole guild? Also how can you unlock Kirin Stone S...


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You can use nameless hero memory instead, because gaff is limited hero and the event already over
Lucia 63
I spend 10K and stop for now
only increase the dmg on ice units or ice atks, so nasha for example can benefit for using it for...
Guild: RevStardust Guild ID: 1113950063 Statues: 3/2/3/2 Required rank: 40 and above Curren...
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