maxing stats on non + equipment R rarity or higher?

Can you max stats on R rarity or higher equipment that isn't +1 or +2 and so on or does it have to be +5 for it to have a chance of getting max stats?


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The previous answer is not entirely correct. +2 /+3 etc. increases the likelihood of a stat up when you enhance the item. So while it is Theoretically possible to max a weapon without any + x you Need to be extremely lucky. And most likely wont happen.
Please do not confuse maxing equipment stats with +5 equipment. These are entirely two different things.

Only N and certain UR (e.g. Excalibur) equipment can be maxed without awakening it.

You don't have to have a +5 to max out an equipment, you just need to awaken it to 5* to have a chance to max it out.

So in short..

+1/+2/+3/+4/+5 = only affect/grant equipment additional abilities

1*/2*/3*/4*/5* = you can level and max the equipment up to level 50

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