Has anyone had any issue with aquiring new units and not having them in your unit list


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Try to bind your account and clear your game data (just like reroll) and play it again. Happened to me once,I drew Xiza unit but get the shards instead. After clear data and play my account back there she is,along together with the shards. So basically I got one Xiza unit,40 Xiza shards and rainbow sphere just from one draw.
Turn off the filter.
I did get Orlandeau on a reroll account (even screenshot it) but it wasn't on my units. Happened once in 15 rerolls.
or maybe what you're getting is a vision card not the actual unit
Sometimes you are just getting the Unit Shard and not actually the unit.

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naknarok is even better if you're out of ap and using normal attacks
dec 8-15 i think ehehehe
Yuna 22
Excuse me, I'm not your sir.
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