any info about him? i try so hard pick kitone but i spend all of my visions and take whisper... shes good to invest?


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She has strong resistances to all attack types. 25% base and +5% more with Mastery (30% total). She can be used as a Magic Tank and can debuff using Knight skills. She suffers from a low HP pool compared to other tanks.
its a shemale unit

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I want ask about equip for slash. What happend if i equip +15slash weapon, + 10 betow vision car...

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anyone know what time the store specifically goes out? i did wait for 2 hours and half and nothing

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Actually, sterne is good cause evade still work in global ATM, it wont in a near futur. And if...
naknarok is even better if you're out of ap and using normal attacks
dec 8-15 i think ehehehe
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