whats better for a F2P player?

to fully level an MR? or still use 50-69 UR?(that I'm still waiting for the LB shards)

on arena/guild battles


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if u gonna use visiore for frags u better buy UR, anything else is a waste of it since they will become scarce eventually, imo MRs, even maxed, doesn't have the firepower to counter 6/3 UR.
ive been maxing mrs i got 2 urs that are at 79 but i prioritized my mrs first. lvl 99 ysh and 99 gaff.
Gaff its basically a f2p sterne. i have stern aswell but hes only lvl 50 so hes pale in comparison until i level him up. Gaff has been my best character in pvp so far been oneshotting the sterns before they get to me. or oneshotting their entire team with abyssalblade. People @@@ on MRs but they really only have a little bit less stats and lack limitbreaks but are definitely viable. Mustadio is another MR to look out for in the future. He will be a special gunner job machinist that only he will have.
I think it depends on your team make-up, but if you look at Engel and Mont, you will notice that a Lvl 55 Engel is way more powerful than say a Lvl 70ish Mont.

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naknarok is even better if you're out of ap and using normal attacks
dec 8-15 i think ehehehe
Yuna 22
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