can you please explain luck, dex here for what? Thank you

can you please explain luck, dex here for what? Thank you

11days ago


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11days ago
Luck affects your unit's accuracy and evade. Dex affects your unit's accuracy and critical rate.

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Why are weapons reducing my stats?

It said something about equip efficiency, but I can’t figure out how to increase it
11days ago

Should I reroll?

My UR unit is Engelbert and I got a dupe should I keep or reroll?
11days ago

Is APK of wotvffbe available? Where it is?

I can't find it.
11days ago

Free Units?

Are there any free units that are available from completing story missions?
12days ago

Should I do reroll?

I know rerolling is just tiring and boring. I don't want to do that, but I want to get a goo...
12days ago

I'm planning to purchase something in the game. Any suggestion?

What should I invest my money into? Which one is the most cost efficient?
12days ago

Is Wotvffbe F2P friendly?

Hi, I'm planning to start this game after the global launch. Currently I'm not planning...
12days ago

Should I join a guild? Is it necessary?

I'm new to this game. Should I participate to a guild in an early stage of the game?
12days ago

When is WOTVFFBE released worldwide?

I want to play it.
12days ago


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I'm sorry if I made something wrong. I however don't get what you are mentioning?
Yes you're right. So do you think her tier should be raised?
Yes at this point.
Forget to mention ~ Mediena "Main"
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