Delita & agrias job material

I have both units yet unable to upgrade their first job because the squire and holy knight material is not available to me how can I obtain otherwise they are useless to me


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30days ago
1. Jobless Yellow and Red Memories can be purchased from Mog Shop using Guild/Friend medals

2. The Six-Month Anniversary Shop has bundle packs you can buy for Jobless Job Memories but limited to 1 purchase per pack

3. Character quest drops purple Job Memories

4. Today is the last day FFT Part 2 Mog Shop so any event medals you have can be spent for Job Memories.
31days ago
You should've asked this question the other week when they were still available at the Mog Shop. That's the only place to get the yellows and reds. Sorry, bro. RIP.
31days ago
you did a big oopsie
Look like you missed out the reward from Mission, Challenge or Event quest. Just wait until they rerun again.

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Card stats/abilities looks amazing
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spear of course , he cant equip sword =p
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