Moonlit Fang, Fenrir (Vision Card)

Moonlit Fang, Fenrir vision card in wotvffbe. How to get, stats, effect, party ability and events.
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update 17/11/2020

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EnglishMoonlit Fang, Fenrir
Japanese月影狼牙 フェンリル
Time LimitedNo
Release Date (JP)2020 May
Release Date (GL)2020 Sept

Max Stats

4★, Lv.99

EffectsMagic Attack Res+20
Party AbilityMax HP+10%
Additional Party Ability at Max LevelATK+50% for Ice Allies



I have this maxed and it doesnt give +50% attack for ice units on global
<< Anonymous(Fenrir)
Anonymous Reply
It's on the JP version and should be coming to global version as well. Just wait for it.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I think they came in november in jp so... 1 month before anniversary, maybe 2-3 months?
Is this 50% additional attack bonus party ability can be used for everywhere ? For example in Raid , event etc ?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
For your Ice party members, yes.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I see, tq
Anyone else notice this does not add a pointless amount of Magic to a high attack card?

That instead it takes those 54 points and gives them to Dex and Agility?

It makes me feel all UR espers after Fenrir will make the earth espers trash.

The wasted 36 Magic on Golem for example. If that were put into Luck or some into Def/Spirit. Big difference.
<< Anonymous(Telm)
Anonymous Reply
There is always power creep in the kinds of games but I don’t think what you are pointing out would fit. While I get why you say the mag is pointless, there will likely be hybrid units as the game progresses that will utilize both attack and magic. It’s all about finding the right card for the right unit.
How many shards to max?
<< Anonymous(ODSTxGundam)
Anonymous Reply
25 - 50 - 75 - 125

You need maybe around 300+ L Nrg pots to spam whimsy
don't forget to pull tomorrow and spam a lot of whimsy shop for 3x shards!
Time to make Engelbert great again
Also worth noting - the personal and party ability is switched.

Personal: 2-10% HP Increase
Party: 6-20% Magic Resistance
<< Anonymous(Telm)
Anonymous Reply
Thanks for clarifying. The switcheroo makes a whole lot of difference!

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