6M Downloads Campaigns in War of the Visions

6 million downloads campaign in War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Event shop, login bonus, free gacha.
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Global Exclusive Unit: Duane
update 22/12/2019

Campaign duration (JST): 2019 Dec 18 ~ Dec 26

6M Downloads Memorial Free Multi Summon

6M Downloads Campaign

You can roll a multi summon once for free. 1 unit or vision card (SSR or above) is guaranteed.

6M Downloads Memorial Login Bonus

6M Downloads Campaign

2500 Gems in total are given.

6M Downloads Memorial Shop

Items you should purchase are below.

ItemGilTrade Limit
Phantom Sphere of Starbow
Story Skip Ticket
100,000Once a day

6M Downloads Memorial Normal Summon

6M Downloads Campaign

You can roll this gacha three times a day and get fragments of units and awoken souls.

Other campaigns

EXP of story quests are doubled.

Exp & gill from Chokobo exploration are doubled.

3 Step Up Summons

6M Downloads Campaign

This is not a part of the 6M downloads campaign but added to the game at the same time.

No pick-up unit is included, but you can roll this gacha with using less gems.

1st1,000 Gems
2nd1,500 Gems
3rd (1 UR unit is guaranteed)2,000 Gems


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Tyytas 12
Miranda has res break and she water-pierce chains with Glaciela
No he doesn't weak but more like outclassed by several newer unit such as Auron in term of o...
Shin Megami is looking for fresh blood-thirsty members to join our ranks! Guild ID: 2722300612 ...
I hope she comes around next Halloween!
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