Mythril Helm

Mythril Helm in War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. How to get, how to craft, recipe for crafting, stats.
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update 11/01/2020

Table of contents

Mythril Helm

How to Craft

Recipe for Mythril Helm



HP: 257
Def: 1
Evade: 2


HP: 179
Def: 2
Evade: 10


HP: 179
Def: 7
Evade: 2

+1: Missile Attack Res Up 1
+2: Missile Attack Res Up 2
+3: Missile Attack Res Up 3

I'd assume the + stat bonuses continue to follow the same pattern didn't really feel like blowing any more books on this piece just to find out
The hell
Why is the mythril 🔥 not filled out?

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whoever rated this as S ? this is the best if you're fighting wind.
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