Tide Ring

Tide Ring in wotvffbe. Stats, effect, ability, how to get, how to craft, events.
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update 29/06/2020
Tide Ring
EnglishTide Ring

How to Get

You can get this as reward from the event, Tower of White Porcelain.

Conditions to Equip

Water Units Only


Lvl 1 (1★)Fire Attack Res+5, Water Attack Res+3, Evade-20%
Lvl 50 (5★)Fire Attack Res+20, Water Attack Res+15, Evade-20%

Max Stats




this ring belongs on miranda while running no weapon. its garbage if u run a weapon. other than 100% fire res on water units this ring is junk. you only get 50% of the stats you see if u run these stats on any other gear piece which you more than likely will. not to mention the equip condition restriction.
does it's stats stack with other weapons and armors?
<< Anonymous(chonggy)
Anonymous Reply
Yes. Looks like about 1/2 of all stacked stats will benefit the chars. At least on the second stacking item. Not sure about 3rd time stats are stacked yet.
the stats itself are decent, the problem is the fact that it can only be used by water element units.. it makes this ring much less versatile IMO
Is it me or does this ring have trash stats?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
There arent alot of gear outside of weapons that give you a substancial amount of atk or magic and this thing gives both outside of def spirit hp and resists to fire and water? I think you need a brain scan sir
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous Reply
Let them be, world need balance
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
hahaha trash i even exchange my plat helm +5 for this equipment since this is more beter for rain and ilydira
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous Reply
Get bent ma’am
Can you get it after tower??
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
No, need to wait for rerun just like crimson saber
Anyone know what mats (and how much) are needed to fully level it up?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
All water ore and water megacryst in tower mog shop

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