9M Downloads Campaigns

9M Downloads Campaigns in War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Event shop, free multi summon, pickup summon, mogshop, login bonus.
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Upcoming Unit/Vision Card Release Schedule
update 31/01/2020
9M Downloads Campaign

Login Bonus

9M Downloads Campaign

You can get 2,500 gems in total as login bonus.

1 UR Unit/Vision Card Guaranteed Summons

New Units Lu・Cia & Adlard Summoning Campaign
New Units Lu・Cia & Adlard Summoning Campaign

1 UR unit or vision card guaranteed summon. Each gacha can be rolled only 1 time and costs 2,000 premium (paid) gems.

Pickup Summon

9M Downloads Campaign

The following units' gacha rate is increased.

Lilyth Engelbert

Free Multi Summon

9M Downloads Campaign

You can roll free multi summon 1 time for free!

Normal Summon

9M Downloads Campaign

You can roll normal summon for free 3 times a day.

9M Downloads Memorial Shop

9M Downloads Campaign
ItemGil/GemTrade Limit
Rainbow Enhancement Pack (EXP Cube extremex20, Rainbow Fragmentsx1, Starbow Spherex3)2,000 Premium Gems3
Unit Awoken Pack (Starbow Spherex1, 50 Awoken Prism Ticketx1, 50 Element Fragments Ticketx1)2,000 Gems3
Story Skip Ticketx10100,000 GilOnce a day
Equipment Ability Pack (Ampotx10, Adamantite extremex50)500 Gems10
Mini Ampotx10200,000 Gil5
EXP Cube extremex102,000 Gems10
EXP Cube largex10500 Gems10
EXP Cube midx1080,000 Gil10
EXP Cube smallx1020,000 Gil10
Grow Egg SRx10320,000 Gil10
Grow Egg Rx1080,000 Gil10
Grow Egg Nx1020,000 Gil10
Adamantite largex10128,000 Gil10
Adamantite midx1064,000 Gil10
Adamantite smallx1032,000 Gil10

Pickup Shop

9M Downloads Campaign
ItemGil/GemTrade Limit
Fragments of Engelbertx402,000 Gems1
Fragments of Lilythx20600 Gems1
Fragments of the Will of Lightx101000 Gems5
Memory of Paladin・Azurex15,000 Gil1
Memory of Knight・Azurex15,000 Gil1
Memory of Paladin・Jadex12,500 Gil1
Memory of Knight・Jadex12,500 Gil1
Light Awoken Pack II (Light Fragmentsx100, Light Prismx100, Rainbow Fragmentsx1, Starbow Spherex1)3,000 Premium Gems1
Awoken Soul of Light ★6x10200 Gems5
Awoken Soul of Light ★5x1050 Gems5
Light Awoken Soul Pack (Light Awoken Soul★2~4x50)500,000 Gil1
Pyroxene of Light・Scarletx20400 Gems1
Pyroxene of Light・Citronx20100 Gems1
Pyroxene of Light・Violetx20200,000 Gil1
Pyroxene of Light・Azurex20100,000 Gil1
Pyroxene of Light・Jadex2050,000 Gil1


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Guild: Vengeance Rank: Aries I 10-20s Statues 7/7/7/8 Guild ID: 3316532294 Members 30/30 HTT...
Sakura 52
Do the MAG passive stack? Thanks in advance.
Fina went from being "i'm sorry" to "call me mommy"
Diabolos give Dark ATK not Magic %... its Bloody Moon that gives MAG% and its 30% yes
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