Montly Missions & Login Bonus (2020 March on JP Server)

Montly Missions & Login Bonus in War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Vinera Fennes fragments, Rainbow Fragments, and Starbow Sphere.
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update 29/02/2020


JST (on JP server): 2020 March 1st 5:00 ~ April 1st 4:59

Login Bonus

Check the March login bonus.

Montly Missions (2020 February on JP Server)

Monthly Missions

・Story quest

・Hard quest

・Multi-player quest

・Chamber of Experience


・Chokobo exploration

・Guild statue

Story Quest Missions

Complete story quests 20 ~ 400 times.


You can get the following items in total.

Gil Turtle largex200 Phantom Sphere of Starbowx1

Hard Quest Missions

Complete hard quest 10 ~ 230 times.


You can get the following items in total.

Stamina Restore Largex10 Red Magicite largex15 Water Magicite largex15
Green Magicite largex15 Yellow Magicite largex15 Orange Magicite largex15
Blue Magicite largex15 White Magicite largex15 Purple Magiite largex15

Red Magicite extremex5 Blue Magicite extremex5 Green Magicite extremex5
Yellow Magicite extremex5 Purple Magiite extremex5 White Magicite extrax5
Water Magicite extremex5 Orange Magicite ultimatex5 Phantom Sphere of Starbowx1

Chamber of Experience Missions

Complete the chamber of experience 3~70 times.


You can get the following items in total.

EXP Cube largex120 Phantom Sphere of Starbowx1

Arena Missions

Play Arena 5~130 times.


Dwarf Hammer of EVAx3 Dwarf Hammer of CRITx3 Dwarf Hammer of DEFx3

Dwarf Hammer of ACCx3 Dwarf Hammer of HPx3 Dwarf Hammer of MAGx3

Dwarf Hammer of SPRx3 Dwarf Hammer of ATKx3 Dwarf Hammer of SPDx3

Mark of HPx10 Mark of ATKx10 Mark of MGKx10

Mark of SPRx10 Mark of DEFx10 Mark of EVAx10

Mark of ACCx10 Mar of Criticalx10 Arena Orb Restore x5

Hammer of Reforgingx3 Fragments of the Will of Rainbowx1

Chokobo Exploring Missions

Get items from Chokobo Exploring 10~90 times.


Awoken Prism of Firex40 Awoken Prism of Ice x40 Awoken Prism of Windx40

Awoken Prism of Earthx40 Awoken Prism of Thunderx40 Awoken Prism of Waterx40

Awoken Prism of Lightx40 Awoken Prism of Darkx40 Phantom Sphere of Starbowx1

Guild Statue Missions

Enhance guild statues 3~70 times.


x25 x6 x6

x25 Giraffe Mane mediumx6 Lion Jaw mediumx6

Fried Zu Wingsx25 Snake fangs largex6 Bull Horn largex6

Bomb Soupx25 Lion Jaw largex6 Giraffe Mane largex6

Fragments of the Will of Rainbowx1


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I think this description here have a little mistake. 25 Slash resistance what written here is ...
Only highest party vc bonus will apply Except when the vc is held by a friend support unit
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