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Guild Name: 7 Sea Lions
Guild Type: Hardcore - Competitive
Guild ID: 106613713
Members: 30/30
Statues: 6/6/6/6/5
League: Legend
Contact: @<3 Gang Leader

Guild Type: Competitive
Guild Name: Zodiac
Guild ID: 4224907044
Statues: 7/6/6/7/5
League: Legend
Contact: @nmalistar

Guild Type: Semi-competitive
Guild Name: Aegislash
Guild ID: 134694374
Statues: 6/6/6/6/5
League: Master II

Guild Name: Black Lotus
Guild Type: Casually Semi-Competitive
Guild ID: 1647596254
Statues: 5/5/5/5
League: Champion I

Guild Type: Casual
Guild Name: Horizon
Guild ID: 2817640957
Statues: 6/6/6/6/5
League: Diamond III
We are also looking for a merger for our sister guild!
Guild: NeoVisions
Members: 26/30
Guild ID: 3891953005
Division: Champion 1
Statues: 6-6-6-6-6

Howdy! Our guild NeoVisions is looking for new active members who want to fill our ranks.
We’re a friendly bunch of people and a mix of F2P/Spenders.
To be able to grow consistently, daily participation in the guild wars is essential. We know that there can always something come up in private life now and then, so no need to worry. A solid team of at least lvl 115 units would be nice, otherwise you might melt in the GWs.
We have an active Discord Server, where we share news, help each other, organize multi/raid groups or just chat.
Give it a try and let’s enjoy the game together! :)
If you have questions feel free to write me (Vacur#0001) or join our Discord Server:
Guild Type: Competitive
Guild Name: Zodiac
Guild ID: 4224907044
Members: 29/30
Statues: 7/6/6/7/5
Rank: Legend
Discord: nmalistar#0377
The Nefarious Savior
Guild Name: X-Men
Guild ID: 2636961188
Type: Ultra-Competitive
Rank: Bronze III
Members: 2/21
Statues: 2/1/0/0/0

Brand new guild created Oct 9th 2021.
All are welcome to join for the moment, until the guild has fully grown. Requirements will eventually be set to Rank 100+, and members will be expected to be active, donate and battle daily. Members who do not, will be removed, unless prior warning is given, or if that member deserves another chance based on loyalty/performance. I encourage all members to join Discord, but for now it is not mandatory. Other than that, there are no rules you will have to follow. This guild is best suited for anyone who is mature, preferably 18+. But feel free to be yourself, swear, overshare, rage, and play like a pro.
<< Anonymous(The Nefarious Savior)
Anonymous Reply
Giga-Omega-Competitive guild coming up.
<< Anonymous
The Nefarious Savior Reply
I'd Giga-Omega come up and smack your soul out of your body. Your existence seems to be pointless anyways, since you felt the need to leave that 🔥ed comment.
Guild Name: Shinra
Type: Semi-Competitive
Rank: Diamond I
Members: 23/30
Statues: 6/6/5/6/5

Shinra Co. is now hiring!
Please join the fastest growing company in Midgar.
We are looking for new active members to be part of our server/guild and join the ranks of SOLDIER.
Our helpful staff is on standby for all of your guild needs.
If you are interested, join through our discord link and receive the guild ID from our president once you are settled in.
Help us make Shinra the true beacon of the future.
Guild Name: FF Academy

Guild ID: 771191756

Player ID: 895 734 237

Fairly new guild. Looking for any active players to join and help build up our community.
Zetta Rogues
Guild ID: 2831977493
Statues: 6/5/6/5/4
Rank: diamond 2
Members 25/30
Zetta Rogues is now looking for active dedicated members to join.
We are a dedicated guild we do require you to donate and attend Guild Battles.
But we also know how life can get, if you get busy or have important plans just let the leader and sub leaders know that you’ll be skipping out for the day.
We do require you to be 90 and higher
Link to the discord
Guild ID: 702411215
Rank: Diamond 3
Statues 6/6/5/6/5
Members 26/30

No requirements, attend when possible and at least set Guild ATK and DEF teams. We aim to get 20 attend rewards daily.

Mostly chill, daily logon NOT required. Kick for inactivity between 3-7 days. With notification you can be gone longer.
Rhapsody Family IS RECRUITING...and potentially looking for a merge? Hit us up if you think we can work something out!

Are you looking for an active, friendly community? Then come stop by and jam with us, regardless if you're looking to join one of our guilds.


Who We Are:
Most of us are Day 1 players, and Rhapsody has been a staple in the top 10 of guild wars and events since inception. We're dedicated, but casual. We're competitive, but don't direct attacks or coordinate defenses in GW. We like to win, but we don't stress it. We farm and we raid, but we hate it.
If you're looking to join our family of guilds, our members span the entire spectrum, from F2P to RR12, Canada to the Philippines, autistic to overly friendly. All we look for are members similarly dedicated to WotV.

Rhapsody (25/30)
Statues: 6 | 7 | 7 | 7
Knight: 6
-Looking for active folks that want to share their enjoyment of the game

Albion (29/30)
Legend - Top 20
Statues: 6 | 6 | 6 | 7
Knight: 6

Requiem (28/30)
Master I - Top 50
Statues: 7 | 6 | 6 | 6
Knight: 6

Dandelion (25/30)
Master II - Top 100
Statues: 7 | 6 | 6 | 6
Knight: 6

Daily attendance and guild war participation are mandatory for all guilds, but you can always give us a heads up when you're about to go on a trip with no cell reception, or are being actively kidnapped. Despite the separate ranks, our guilds are not a ladder or feeder system for our top-ranked guild.
Guild: Irie&Mellow
League: Champion I
Statues: 5/4/5/5/5
Style: Semi-competitive/community oriented
Members: 25/29

We are looking for active and dedicated players to fill our roster of awesome players. We take guild battles serious and more often than not hit 100% participation, same goes for daily attendance. We frequently farm raids and multis together and are generally a fun bunch to hang out with.

Attend, donate, battle daily, keep your team and gear up-to-date, and have fun!

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Locke 1
What is the best VC/Espers for Him?
Thanks! Good gun-combo indeed
Celes 3
waifu or not if she is a game changer i got for her
Cayanne 10
Into a cutscene he used a knife. And into a battle with him like an ally, he is fire.
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