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The Corpse Brigade <GLOBAL> has 1 available opening. Our current record in Guild Battles is 7 wins and 0 losses. We are a Bronze I Rank 60 Guild.

Guild ID: 396786346.

Style: Casual Competitive Daily


1. ATTEND, GIFT, and contribute to STATUE XP (Min. 150XP) daily.

2. Members must have their Guild Battle parties (Attack and most importantly DEFENSE) set up. You can set them up in the Formation Tab > Guild Battle Tab.

3. Participate in all Guild Battles - Guild Battle times are 5PM to 3AM EST every day (please check your timezone). We expect members to log in at some time during this 10 hour period to participate.

4. Only accepting Rank 40+ at this time (prefer 55+).

Not a requirement, but feel free to join our Discord!
<< Anonymous
Tindalos Reply
I would be interested to joining. My current guild had 3 members weirdly call me out unprovoked for having spent money on the game as I had the job crystal.

Active daily, near maxed Mont, Gaff, and Yshtola, max Ramza and Orlandeau soon with all jobs lvl 12. Would be happy to join assuming I wont be demonized for spending money in game?
<< Anonymous(Tindalos)
Anonymous Reply
If you're still interesting in joining a guild, I have a semi-competitive guild that's just picking up steam.
<< Anonymous(Tindalos)
Dsss Reply
how you maxed out orlandeau? i mean how much you reset daily shop? and how much visor you calculate for max orlandeu alone? i need information!
Guildname: Firecrest
ID: 3637485252
Leader: Alex
rank: BronzeI
(we went up to SilverI, but many members went inactive recently and we lost a few feathers)
statues: 4/4/4/4
spots: 13/28

Somewhat competitive, meaning I do those guild battles everyday, but I don't annoy you with that as long as you updates your formation for defense.

There's no prerequisite as long as you are active.

Discord: https//
<< Anonymous(Alex)
Elijah Reply
Wanna join us alex?
Avalanche♧: ID#1524596591
Leader: Ghost
Rank: Platinum 2
Member's: 11/25
Statues: 3/2/4/4
We are competitive, but relaxed about it. Daily participation is requested. We just recieved our first loss in platinum 3 due to a low member count and hope to reinforce the guild with some extra hands that want to push further up the ranks.
<< Anonymous(Elijah)
Alex Reply
Hi Elijah,

How about joining us? We have the numbers and better Statues.
Any Plat III and below guilds that are dying? Wanna merge with a Plat II guild? We are serious in improving as a guild and players are required to fight daily and contribute daily to the statues. We are also friendly peeps and discuss/provide advices to players too!!

So if you are looking for a guild, join us!! If your entire guild wants to merge with us, thats better!!

Guild ID: 200232844
Guild Name: Sector VII
Statue: 5/5.8/5/5
League: Plat I

So do consider us, and we move forward and onwards towards a better tomorrow!!
<< Anonymous(Recruiter)
shiro here Reply
i got 4 member with me. want to join your guild.
<< Anonymous(Recruiter)
shiro here Reply
we will join u tmr
Guild ID: 2773362997

Kirin and Lion statue lv 3.
Looking for active players.
Must attend daily and contribute in statues.
Participate in guild battle too.
<< Anonymous(Ewagor)
AlphaFirefighter Reply
I’m looking for a new guild. Not enough active players in the one I’m in now. I’m a daily player, most times on multiple times throughout the day. Got lv 54 Mediena , lv 52 Engelbert, and lv 49 Xiza I use in guild battles.
<< Anonymous(AlphaFirefighter)
Hydrex Reply
Come join mine!
Guild ID: 2773362997
Statue: 4/4/4/4
Guild League: Platinum

Looking for active players with at least 3 unit lvl 89+.

Must attend daily and contribute to statues, send gifts and participate in guild battle.
<< Anonymous(Ewagor)
KurtBrgsDHrt Reply
I am interested in joining. I have 99 lucia, ayaka, mediena. Others at 89 UR units. I play every day multiple times.
<< Anonymous(KurtBrgsDHrt)
Brian Reply
If you interest Syndicate is recruiting too we are platinum as well
Guild ID: 702411215
Rank: Plat 2
Statues 6/5/5/5.8/4
Members 27/30

No requirements, attend when possible and at least set Guild ATK and DEF teams. We aim to get 20 attend rewards daily.

Mostly chill, daily logon NOT required. Kick for inactivity between 3-7 days.
<< Anonymous
Marugame Reply
i like the "mostly chill" == does not need to join discord or similar chatting board. Already left my previous group, now waiting 24 hours to join your guild, please accept me then.
<< Anonymous(Marugame)
Anonymous Reply
That is correct. We used to have a discord, but due to lack of activity it was dropped. I suppose it's partly because we never required people to join it.
Guild Name: "Tachibana!!!"

Description: New guild looking for casual players to have fun and develop a guild with.

Requirements: As long as you contribute to the guild and are respectful to others, you are welcome to join.

Contact: Also NO discord requirements as the group shall engage in conversations over guild chat.
<< Anonymous("Tachibana!!!")
Anonymous Reply
Guild ID: 2784613702
Guild Name: Kaizen
Guild ID: 1283499547
Statues: 4/5/4/5 (Working on Serpent)
Current Rank: Platinum II
Current Members: 28/30
Rank Requirement: 60 and above
Language: English Speaking
Discord server: Add Mudkip#3496 on discord to ask for discord server link to join

Kaizen is looking for strong, friendly, dedicated, and active long-term members that will grow with us for guild vs guild battles, multi, and raid. We are friendly, active daily, send gifts daily and have discord. Come and join us!

1. Rank: 60 and above

2. Offense/Defense team must consist of characters 89+

3. Set guild battle offense and defense and update them occasionally

4. Participate in guild battles daily and donate daily to statue.

5. Send gifts daily
<< Anonymous(Eevee)
Stormblessed Reply
Can i join your guild kaizen? Player no. 3633837301 player name. Stormblessed
<< Anonymous(Stormblessed)
Eevee Reply
Hi Stormblessed, please add me on Discord at Mudkip#3496 so we can chat there better. I tried adding you to friend but you are full.

Guild ID: 2773362997
Statue: 4/3/4/4
Guild League: Gold II

Looking for active players.
Must attend daily and contribute to statues and send gifts.
Participate in guild battle too.
<< Anonymous(Ewagor)
Anonymous Reply
Hello. I hope to join and learn from you to improve my account and gaming experience. Do you have level limit to join? Thanks.
<< Anonymous
Ewagor Reply
Guild battle team, must be lvl 80+, so Minimum 3 characters 80+
Guild ID: 2773362997
Statue: 6/5/5.5/6
Guild League: Diamond
Members: 29/30

Looking for active players.
Must attend daily and contribute to statues, send gifts and participate in guild battle.
<< Anonymous(Ewagor)
Anonymous Reply
Is guild f2p friendly or competitive
Avalanche♧: ID#1524596591
Style: competitive
Leader: Elijah
Rank: Platinum 1
Member's: 15/26
Statues: 3/2/4/4
Open positions:8
We are competitive, but relaxed about it. Daily participation is requested. We just recieved our first loss in platinum 3 due to a low member count and hope to reinforce the guild with some extra hands that want to push further up the ranks.
<< Anonymous(Elijah)
Anonymous Reply
When did you get your first loss in Platinum 3? Seems like you’ve gotten it many times so I wanted to check.
<< Anonymous
Elijah Reply
The old guild leader created that text 2 months ago i was too lazy to change it. So yes it was 2 months ago that we had our first loss
SINISTER is Recruiting!

-Looking for 1 member.
-Diamond 2 Guild Statues 5/5/4.5/6
-Competitive + Focus on Learning & Growth
-Part of a huge discord community with players from different timezones so you can ask questions/multiplay more often
- Apply here:
<< Anonymous(ARCERIS)
Anonymous Reply
Yay it finally got through!! ^_^. Pls ignore previous sad attempts
<< Anonymous(ARCERIS)
Anonymous Reply
Best guild in the world! Other guilds are trashhhh

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