Wind-Enhancing Rune

Wind-Enhancing Rune ability in War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Effect, type, range, area, units, and level.
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update 20/01/2021
English Wind-Enhancing Rune
Japanese 激成風のルーン


Ability Type Support
EffectRaises Wind Attack & lowers Ice Res

Effect at Max Level

Max Effect (at Lv.20)Wind Attack+: 25, Ice Res-: 5%

Useful Link: Ability Guide, JP Guide: How to Farm JP

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Guild Name: opus Guild ID: 1729913059 Current spaces: 17 Hello! We're a new guild so ...
The activatoin recovers 120HP at level 20 or is this a multiplier? This wiki doesn't have an...
You know after 20x 10 summons you can get her from mog shop right?
Yes, it will come out one week after my release
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