Arena Mock Battle (Wasteland) Guide

Arena Mock Battle in War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Event guide, tips, rewards, and best units.
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update 29/06/2020
Arena Mock Battle
English (EN)Arena Mock Battle
Japanese (日本語)アリーナ模擬戦

Event Details

・You'll fight against the parties that high-ranked players used on wasteland map.

・Enemies are copied from the high-ranked users actually used but some units have different stats.

・Enemies don't gain friend bonus stats.

・Enemies don't use summons.

・Items can't be used.

・Crystals aren't dropped from enemies.

Advanced Guide by CealX

There may be many ways to beat the arena mock battle but here is mine

First you need a tank, an attacker and a healer. Make sure auto is not set and that initial placement is on. The attacker may have to be Freddy or Lucia, not sure any other may work. Ayaka may be replaced with another suitable healer if you have a better tank. Mont works well if you have Ayaka.

Place units like this:

Always focus on Miranda, dont let her buff, hitting her makes her use cura which doesnt fully heal her most of the time.

Your tank will be hit hard, immortal spirit and sentinel are good, move him to the front

Finish Miranda, then Lucia, she hits Mont hard. If you are not using mont then its not relevant which you pick, but Lucia has a slightly lower HP.

From that point on just heal your units and keep shooting until they are dead.

Good luck.


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