Firing Stance

Firing Stance in War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Effect, type, range, area, units, and level.
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Global Exclusive Unit: Duane
update 17/09/2020
English Firing Stance
Japanese 射撃体勢


Ability TypeCommand Command
Effect TypePhysical Physical
EffectSignifiantly raises Missile ATK of allies within range around self for 3 turns & raises own DEF Piercing Rate for 3 turns.

Range & Area

Range Height0
Area Height1

Effect at Max Level

Max Effect (at Lv.20)DEF Piercing Rate: 20, Missle Attack: +40

Useful Link: Ability Guide, JP Guide: How to Farm JP

Learned By

Lucia Luasa Alim


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Rosa 27
I wish instead of having +10 SPR. Change to +5 SPR and have +10% ATK but that is just me. Be like...
Fck me upside down. thats insane stats and skill tree. Like that ex skill is so broken. It has ko...
The damage it deals is based on how much you are hit for. If you are hit for low dmg, you will on...
Usually "significant" implies ABOUT 38%, Kotetsu, vigilance(?whatever Vinera uses) roug...
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