ur unit awakening reset?

any chance this feature is coming in the future? i want back my rainbow shards dammit


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50 paid visiore each reset

(not actually but I have to wonder if it would result in more money or less due to less packs containing rainbow shards being purchased...)
There is section called "Things To Do First" that list some of items mentioned below.
There should be a section called "Tips". There are many things people don't know in the beginning and end up regretting at the end.

Such as: use your materials wisely especially rainbow frags & spheres, avoid double element units, save your gil cause stuff will get insanely expensive later, use visiore not to summon but buy shards from shop for awakening, use guild barracks to build jp, etc.

Some of this stuff is hidden in other places or comments. Having it in one place would be beneficial for all.
I feel you man.. got to be wise spending them rainbow shards
I don't think this will ever come, because then a player would only need to collect up to 5 players worth, and just reset (depending on what ever that cost is). The company would make more money by never letting this happen, so I don't think it will come to past, sorry my friend

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Kain 18
Ha ha, f u n n y ~
Card stats/abilities looks amazing
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