What's better?

Is slashing a better comp or is gunner? I have ramza, englebert,Orlandu and Fredericka. Should I save for agrais or buy Lucia when she comes out?


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This question is waiting for your answer. Look forward to your kind help!

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ur unit awakening reset?

any chance this feature is coming in the future? i want back my rainbow shards dammit

Equipment abilities

Are equipments abilities created on crafting +1 and above equipments like addtional features e.g....

maxing stats on non + equipment R rarity or higher?

Can you max stats on R rarity or higher equipment that isn't +1 or +2 and so on or does it h...

Costs of Esper Training Board Reset?

1st is Free 2nd is 50 3rd ? 4th ? 5th ? etc.

Esper Skills

What is better to have? ie Attack %, Type Eater %, Element Eater %

Best type for Smart Robes

What would be the best type for Smart Robes? HP? Def? Spirit?


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seems so but you're focussing on the wrong detail
Mediocre....not worth it IMO
That's before released, Gumi didn't give full information about this card. Now it'...
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