Will it really cost about 40k viz to ex break a limited unit?

Haven't read too deeply but wondering if there's more free shards than the usual current 30 per month, 120 bingo, 40 for character quest.


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30days ago
Saw that jp has some, maybe all, of the ex enabled units with their shards in the friend medal shop, but the total shards will add up to 1k

If you have sterne maxed for example it'll cost 20k friend medals, rank 100 gives you 250 friend medals per day if friends are active, 5500 medals/110 shards after the monthly fragment of thought
That's like $300-$400... Absolutely crazy.
yea, assuming there will be a lot of free shard, i think 35k is the bare minimum to max out a limited unit from LB 0 all the way to max ex job. that being said, with free 2 shard per day from barrack in the future you don't have to rush it all the way before the limited banner end, and just take it easy.
Nah, 20k vis is enough, but safety net like Halloween units (2000 medals) is still not the norm, so you can pulls up to 100k+ vis without getting the unit that you want.

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