pull for Ildyra or wait for Levial?

Hi. I want a arithmitician, but am undecided if I should pull for Ildyra on the current banner or wait for MR unit Levial in January?

Opinions please?

7days ago


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6days ago
The current pve content is already edging out a bunch of the MRs havent seen video of how the unit performs but she will probably be exclusively pve healer support and you shouldnt pull for any MR that doesn't have a good TMR or provide an elemental party bonus
6days ago
January is a long way away and I don't know what the christmas/new years bonuses will be.

There's initiative in new units to capitalize on, there's thousands left behind by a late xiza acquisition who will have to wait at least 2-3 months for the bell. Also for comparison cecil only cost 6k viz to bring to 89, I don't know if levial will be the month featured unit which would cost 9k to 89, if she doesn't have any shard bonuses it will cost 12k after acquisition for 89.

ime I've never pulled a banner unit I aimed for, only coincidentally, I spent 50k for vinera and got her months later from a free pull. I guess what I'm saying isn't an answer so much as trying to help you make an informed decision.

Pulling for a unit probably doesn't work, depending on your viz it may be months before she can be viable for use, reacting to the units you happen to get, esp when a new unit, puts you further ahead for cheaper. As the other commenter said Ildyra is better for pvp, but levial and even her TMR seem to be made for PVE
7days ago
What are you using it for? PVE contents, guild battle? If you are gonna use it for the arena and guild battle you have to go of Ildyra, levial would probably only be viable in PVE contents.

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