Thunder God

Thunder God in War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Effect, type, range, area, units, and level.
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update 26/05/2022

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Significantly raises ATK & lowers All Attack Res.

Ability TypeSupport Support
Max Effect (at Lv.20)ATK: +60%, Slash/Piercing/Strike/Missile/Magic Attack Res: -8%

Learned By

Cidolfus Orlandeau


So, It means more ATK for less resistance to attacks I'm receiving or striking?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
your attack stat is up, but lower all resistance
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
But to what end? The enemy striked or orlandu getting the blow?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Orlando gets the lowered resistances, but the negative effects are so low at Lv20 that they're barely noticeable
You'd want to upgrade Thunder God passive. At the start, the effects can be very glass cannon. But as you upgrade, you increase your attack but you shave down the negative resistances. Basically, you increase "All attack resistances" with each upgrade until the negative effects are so low, it's barely noticeable or it's gone entirely.
Testing raising ability jp lvls. Negative effects apply to Orlandeau. Each upgrade increases 1% up except lvl 10, 15. Not sure if 5 did or if 20 will only raise atk as I was not looking at this until lvl 10 when I noticed it. Currently I'm at lvl 17.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Edit: 12,15,18 atk up only.

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Rafale should not be on the list…
Lol why?
Guild: Eurekan Ward Leader: Appa Guild ID: 2470352982 Division: Aries III Statues...
What is the recommendation for this item - Vital, Barrier, or Shield? TY in advance.
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