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EX Job in WOTVFFBE. How to unlock EX job, EX job unlocking materials, EX job leveling materials, how to get required materials, EX job unlockable units.
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FFX Collaboration on the JP Server!
update 18/11/2020
FFX Collaboration & WOTV 1st Anniversary

EX job feature is added to the game with the 1st year memorial update.

What is EX Job?

EX Job Guide 5

You can perform unlocking EX job for units whose main & sub jobs' levels are max. It can only performed on main jobs.

By unlocking EX job, that unit's ability board is expanded. Grids on that ability board has effect like unlocking a new ability, enhancing existing abilities, and raises max level cap.

How to Get EX Job Materials

Unit Vision Pearl

EX Job Guide 5

You can get this item when you obtain units or units fragment for a unit who is already max limit-broken. You'll also obtain vision medal as usual.

Rainbow Jewel

After the update, new challenge mission is added and you can get 1 Rainbow Jewel by complete the missions. This is the only F2P way of obtaining Rainbow Jewel. You can also purchase Rainbow Jewel at Special Shop. It costs 10,000 JPY on the JP server.

EX Job Guide 5
EX Job Guide 4

Abyss Flower of Paradise

EX Job Guide 3

Abyss Flower of Paradise can be obtained as item drop from Super High Difficulty Training Chamber and Elemental Pyroxene Chamber Lv.6.

You can get only one by month from Super High Difficulty Training Chamber A, B, or C (If you get one from Chamber A, B and C also don't drop the item this month). You can get one by month from Elemental Pyroxene Chambers as well.

Weapon Scorchmark Stone

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Super High Difficulty Training Chamber is added and you can get Scorchmark Stone of each weapon as item drop.

Elemental Pyroxene Statue

EX Job Guide 1

Pyroxene Chamber Lv.6 is added to each elemental Pyroxene Chamber. You can get the item from the quest drop.

Usage of Materials

EX Job Material 1

To unlock EX Job ability.
EX Job Material 2

To raise EX Job Lv.
EX Job Material 3

To unlock R units' EX Job.
EX Job Material 4

To unlock SR units' EX Job.
EX Job Material 5

To unlock MR units' EX Job.
EX Job Material 6

To unlock UR units' EX Job.
EX Job Material 7

To raise EX Job Lv.
EX Job Material 8

To unlock EX Job ability.

EX Job Unlockable Units


Robb Hourne Sterne Leonis Oelde Leonis Oldoa Yuna Tidus


Mont Leonis





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URのEXジョブLvアップ素材、確認が取れたので改めてツイートし直しまっす。 19、22、25でアビリティボードのロックが段階解除されるので、そこで要求数が変わるようです #FFBE幻影戦争 #幻影戦争



Anonymous 5days ago
I hope Gilgamesh gets an EX job too.
Anonymous 5days ago
Good thing this mechanism came before another FF collaboration, let's hope we can instantly promote ex job for Balthier and Bartz Klauser hehehe
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
Anonymous 10days ago
so not just time gated but now are forced(i'd rather use it instead of persuaded) to use real money to get our next EX unit mat...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
Completely false that you need IRL money. It's the same way that Sins are handled in TAC, if you're F2P you just need to be picky at first, after a while you'll have a lot of them. Literally a 1.5 year after they came to TAC I can enlighten almost 30+ units and still have left over lol.

Everyone is gated even whales cause those rainbow bundles aren't infinite.

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