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EX Job in WOTVFFBE. How to unlock EX job, EX job unlocking materials, EX job leveling materials, how to get required materials, EX job unlockable units.
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update 18/11/2020
FFX Collaboration & WOTV 1st Anniversary
FFX Collaboration & WOTV 1st Anniversary

EX job feature is added to the game with the 1st year anniversary as part of the version 3.0.0 update. Check the link above to view the rest of the updates.

What is EX Job?

EX Job Guide 5

EX job is an upgrade system that will increase the level cap of your unit's main job, acquiring new skill boards that will give stats, upgrade old skills, and get new abilities.

Once your character has reached level 99, level 15 for all 3 of their jobs, and get the required materials for the EX Job upgrade, you can perform an EX Job awakening. This will increase the cap of the unit's max level from 99 to 120, and their main job level from 15 to 25.

However, not all units can be EX upgraded since this works similarly to when developers release new characters. Characters that receive an EX job update are released periodically. The materials required to level EX jobs are quite rare, so it's recommended to choose carefully before doing so.

*You can only look at their EX job nodes once you have unlocked it. A later update will enable players to look at the nodes even without upgrading, as shown in the JP version.

Levelling Up EX Skills

EX Job Guide 10

Newly learned skills and certain nodes like "Damage Limit Up" can be levelled up to 20. But unlike most skills that can be viewed and levelled through "Batch Enhance", you'll need to level up these skills by manually tapping on the "enhance" button once you selected the node.

Be sure to do this once you've unlocked them to make them more powerful. This is especially important if your skill is a magic ability that requires casting, since levelling them up speeds up casting time.

Currently Available EX Units


Yuna Tidus Robb Hourne Sterne Leonis Oelde Leonis Oldoa Mont Leonis Baelo Learte


Auron Xiza Aileen


Gilgamesh Mediena Owe Phoebe Zazan


2B 9S



How to Get EX Job Materials


The first set of items to unlock their EX job going from 15 to 16 are always the same. You will need 1 Broadstone that's the same rarity as the unit, and the same element Fragment of Thoughts and Awakening Prisms.

Increasing their job levels after 16 requires Mindspheres and other new materials.



Getting more shards of a unit that's enough to fully limit break them (past 600 shards) will automatically get converted to Soul Medals and Mindspheres.

You need 400 Mindspheres to reach EX Job level 25. Below the page is a useful chart made by a JP user that shows how many you need at certain job levels.


FFX Collaboration & WOTV 1st Anniversary

Broadstones have many rarities, just like vision spheres or fragment of thoughts. You only need 1 for a unit, and it's to unlock a unit's EX from level 15 to 16.

EX Job Guide 5

Broadstones are sometimes available in a bingo mission reward, so be sure to always check them out!

EX Job Guide 4

You can also purchase Broadstone at Special Shop. It costs 10,000 JPY on the JP server.

Blossom of Paradise

FFX Collaboration & WOTV 1st Anniversary

Another one of the items you need as you level up the unit's job level, mostly obtainable from events, or shops. You need a total of 5 Blossom of Paradise to reach level 25.

EX Job Guide 1

Blossom of Paradise can be obtained as item drop from lvl 6 alcryst chambers of any element, but they share the same limit of 1 per month.

EX Job Guide 2
EX Job Guide 3

Additionally, you can get another 1 each month from any of the new branded tablet chamber dungeons. A, B, and C share the same limit, so if you managed to get a drop from chamber A, then B, and C won't drop anymore.

The droprate of the blossom is very low, so it's better to try to farm it during double drop day, which is Saturday for the branded tablet chamber. Tap the magnifying glass to view the drops if you want to check whether you already got it or not.

EX Job Guide 4

Blossom of Paradise are sometimes sold in event shops as well, and they usually cost double the price of Rainbow Fragment of Thoughts.

Weapon Scorchmark Stone

FFX Collaboration & WOTV 1st Anniversary

Branded Tablets are obtainable from a new training chamber dungeon.

EX Job Guide 2

Super High Difficulty Training Chamber is added and you can get Scorchmark Stone of each weapon as item drop.

Alcryst Statues

FFX Collaboration & WOTV 1st Anniversary

Lastly, there's Alcryst Statues. You get these from the Alcryst Chambers.

EX Job Guide 1

Alcryst Chamber Lv.6 is added to each elemental Alcryst Chamber. You can get the item from the quest drop.

Usage of Materials

EX Job Material 1

To unlock EX Job ability.
EX Job Material 2

To raise EX Job Lv.
EX Job Material 3

To unlock R units' EX Job.
EX Job Material 4

To unlock SR units' EX Job.
EX Job Material 5

To unlock MR units' EX Job.
EX Job Material 6

To unlock UR units' EX Job.
EX Job Material 7

To raise EX Job Lv.
EX Job Material 8

To unlock EX Job ability.

All EX Job Unlockable Units



Warrior of Light Yuna Tidus Auron 2B 9S Vinera (Winter) Viktora (Winter) Macherie (Xmas) Ramada (Xmas) Salire (Valentine) Cloud Tifa

Non Limited

Robb Hourne Sterne Leonis Oelde Leonis Oldoa Macherie Hourne Frederika Ayaka Yerma Gilgamesh Mediena Xiza Aileen Mont the King of Leonis Luer Helena (Black Witch) Cowell Whisper Duane Camillo Moore Kitone Muraga Fennes Charlotte Verlic Remure Gargas Rain Lasswell


Event Units

Shirma Etre

Non Limited

Mont Leonis Ramada Owe Seymore Nasha Schuzelt Dorando Khury Wezette Vistralle Meriluke Dario Hourne


Baelo Phoebe Murmur Severo Little Leela Yuni


Learte Miche



Other Useful Sources

URのEXジョブLvアップ素材、確認が取れたので改めてツイートし直しまっす。 19、22、25でアビリティボードのロックが段階解除されるので、そこで要求数が変わるようです #FFBE幻影戦争 #幻影戦争



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I hope Gilgamesh gets an EX job too.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Gilgamesh has ex jobs in JP.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
he has
Anonymous 21days ago
Kinda seems like the only non limited UR ex worth it is like... ayaka, kitone, xiza
Anonymous 30days ago
Miranda EX Job waiting room...

Please give her a ranged hastega, faster cast speed, and dare I say an aoe quicken.

That's just for her Time Mage job. I think her Red mage job could use more powerful support/utility spells. Perhaps give Resistance break more longer range and add all elemental resistance down? Idk.

And I guess for paladin, give her better reaction abilities and beef up her stats and hate capabilities.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 29days ago Reply
Ex jobs are only for their main jobs, so she wouldn't get any changes to time mage at all
<< Anonymous
UzuNeos 29days ago Reply
Oh I see. Thanks for clearing that up. Well they're gonna have to be creative and generous as hell then
Anonymous 29days ago
You can tell this is just copy pasted from JP. Duane is limited for global
Who in their right mind would even deal with EX Jobs for MR or lesser units? These materials are rare and expensive enough as it is.
<< Anonymous(Z)
Anonymous Reply
People who want to complete upcoming low rarity content, like the Camillo quests.
<< Anonymous(Z)
Ano-kun Reply
By the time u farm enough for the EX UR of ur own pick.....u probably have tons of left over for the other MR.......
<< Anonymous(Z)
Anonymous Reply
People like me who want our favorite characters to stand at least a little bit more of a chance.
So the event only just give you one Rainbow Jewel, so if you plan to build 2 ex jobs, how do i get another free Rainbow jewel then ?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
man I can't find the special store that sells it, does it come out later in the event?
<< Anonymous
AegonVI Reply
It's a sub shop in the shop menu.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
which sub shop is it in for the 1 mil gold?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I don't believe there in one in the ani shop. You can buy one for esper 3* (5k vis), but not for units
Anyone have a definitive answer as to how much total JP is needed to unlock just the EX nodes for one unit? Thanks in advance.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I think I saw on reddit 96k for all ex nodes maxed
is the challenge for ur broadstone monthly or will it only come out once?
What is Macherie's ex job?
I wish they'dd keep this page up to date !
the grind is such a pain but the autoheal on yuna is worth it
Good thing this mechanism came before another FF collaboration, let's hope we can instantly promote ex job for Balthier and Bartz Klauser hehehe
<< Anonymous
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