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update 15/03/2021

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Filtered list of just the notable items in shops.


Exvius Universe


1 Free Global Festival Medals B each day. Additional medals are bought with paid visiores only. Other items are unit specific training packs that contains 40 unit shards, and some awakening materials for 2,000 visiores each, and they can be purchased 3 times.

Available unit packs:

  • Duane
  • Fryevia
  • Sakura
  • Rain
  • Lasswell
  • Ayaka
  • Aileen
  • Mediena

Anniversary Countdown Part IV


Free (L) NRG Restore potion each day. Many of the exp materials can also be bought with Gil. It's recommended to at least pick up some Ovalites since it helps with JP gain, and it's rarely obtainable.


If you're low on Rainbow Spheres and are planning on raising a lot of UR units/VCs, the shop has a package that sells 20 spheres, along with a lot of VC exp eggs for 3,000 visiores. It provides good value for how much it costs, but not recommended if you're low on visiores.

Since the anniversary is pretty close, there may be better deals, or better use of visiores. Not to mention, the 7 million downloads shop offers 7 rainbow spheres purchaseable with Gil.

7 Million Downloads Shop


1 free JP Key each day, and a limit of 7 of a lot of things that are available to purchase with Gil. Prioritize the Rainbow Fragments and Vision Spheres first, then Ovalites before everything else.

The Gil dungeon is open with no limits on the weekend, so if you're low on Gil, then it's recommended to focus on Gil dungeon during the weekends. You'll need more than 30 million Gil if you want to clear out the stock. If you haven't used the tokens yet, then you can put them on "Item Sell Price Up" so you don't have to farm as much.

Mog Shop

Exvius Universe

March Notable Shop Items 5

Since the anniversary update is coming before the end of the shop, you can buy the shards after the EX job update so you can get an early start on the mindspheres for units you've already max limit broken.

Raid Medals

March Notable Shop Items 5

Crafting recipes:

Recommended to at least get a couple of each recipes since you might not get the type that you want when you craft it. You'll might need to save some medals left in case you're low on Joyful Heart, or any of the other required materials to craft the equipments.


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