Bonus Quest: Get EXP Cubes & Awakening Materials!

Unit strengthen bonus quest in War of the Visions Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Duration, mission, reward, and item drop.
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New Units: Kilphe & Seymour
update 16/01/2020

Duration (JST): 2020 Jan 15th 15:00~ Jan 23rd 4:59

Event Details

You can play this easy quest once a day. Get EXP Cubes, Story Skip Ticket, Awoken Prisms, Will of Fragments, and Awoken Souls!

First Time Completion Reward

Gil Turtle largex50 Gemx50

Quest Mission

Defeat all the enemiesFragments of the Will of Rainbowx1


EXP Cube smallx25 or EXP Cube midx25

Story Skip Ticketx5

・Random Awoken Prisms x10

・Random Will of Fragments x10

・Random Awoken Soul★2 x25

・Random Awoken Soul★3 x25


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Main Language : English Guild name : ChaosReapers Guild rank : Silver 2 Guild statues : 4 / 3 ...
What it do though? I mean.. She is getting all my visiore. But a Mace job? It's gotta be str...
Haste 5
kitone have haste too
that's basically same for almost all unit lol
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