Rampaging Orebeast, Elafikeras

Rampaging Orebeast, Elafikeras Vision Card in wotvffbe. Stats, effect, party ability, how to get, and events.
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update 08/11/2021

Explosive Mining Beast Elafikeras

Explosive Mining Beast Elafikeras
EnglishRampaging Orebeast, Elafikeras
Time LimitedNo
Release Date (JP)2021 July
Release Date (GL)2021 Nov


4★, Lv.99

EffectsMan Killer+10・HP+15% for Earth Units
Additional EffectAcquired AP+30% for Earth Units
Party AbilitySingle Attack Res+20・AGI+8% for Earth Units
Additional Party Ability at Max LevelPiercing Attack+35 for Earth Unit


How to defeat elafikeras lv90 in beast den?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I just used an entire wind team with only Hleela at 120 the rest 99. Hleela basically healed the entire time maybe got 2 attacks in. Focus on the slimes/flan first the poison and AoE damage is annoying.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Those flan, what are their weakness?
If you have oberion and don't get this VC, you have to go to the mental hospital and get a check up or your IQ is too low.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The esper is great for Oberon, but the VC is probably not as useful as Titan for most compositions. If you're pairing him with Aileen, OK, maybe it's a different story ... but why would you pair him with Aileen?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
party pierce attack is nice, but this card is going on kitone 100%.pierce attack can buff h fred dragoon sub attacks for my evade comp
I don't think this is great at all. I'm more interested in Ramada VC and Titan VC for Oberon other than this
Jayden Simp
Oberon's VC huh. It will be great to other Earth units too but the Piercing is not really great for non Spear
<< Anonymous(Jayden Simp)
Anonymous Reply
good news there is Aileen and Lorenzo
<< Anonymous(Jayden Simp)
Anonymous Reply
they had to do something for Oberon. This is def a kitone card though

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Elan 9
It’s either an Androgynous looking male or a skinny flat chested female but I too was wonde...
Additional party ability sucks but everything else...nice :).
Wait 4 years later, probably
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