Glinting Armor

Glinting Armor in War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. How to get, how to craft, recipe for crafting, stats, effect and ability.
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update 20/01/2022
Aurora Armor
English (EN)Glinting Armor
Japanese (日本語)閃光の鎧

Condition to Equip

Warrior, Knight, Paladin, Soldier, Samurai, Lancer, Dragoon, Spellblade, Winged One, Lord, Squire, Fell Knight, Warrior of Light, Holy Knight, Squire, Knight of Ruin, Valkyrie, Knight of Grandshelt (Ice), Lunar Paladin, Dragoon of Baron, Dark Knight of Remorse, Nightblade, Archlord, Savage King, Knight of the Sacred Shield, Strider, SOLDIER (FFVIIR), Bladesoul, Young Dragon King, Devout, Airborne Division Commodore, Warrior of the Kindlelight, Warriors of the Crystals (Wind), Dark Mage

Ability: Keen Blade

EffectRaises Slash ATK & CT (M) of allies within area around self for 3 turns.
Max EffectSlash ATK: +20, CT Restore: 500
Use Limit1
Height Range0
Height Area1

Max Stats


How to Get

Robb Hourne's TMR.

Robb Hourne


This thing is kinda meta in PVP match, especially if you had a high AGI in the first place.
Can't count how much i lose without even taking a single turn.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Pretty sure that's OP's point?
this is literally ruining every class match and there's nothing you can do against this without your own keen blade. It is actually 🔥 and Gumi should ban this from all class matches. I will never ever care about a competitive balanced pvp experience when this exists.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Idk man, this is one of the item that can enable us to rush against missile team, which is very strong in this current class match map
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You should play more and think twice before writing such dumb asbsolute statements
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Spoken like a true cheeseblader. I bet you a whale and still lose without keen blade.

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So people not realize the character’s are aging ? Yeah.. she was 15 and acted like it. She&...
Says the one that haven't played her yet.
Sirel 4
So going to use her during my Wind Selection missions :)
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