FFBE x WOTVFFBE Release Campaign

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update 15/04/2020

FFBE x WOTVFFBE Release Campaign

FFBE x WOTVFFBE Release Campaign

Duration (PST)

00:00, 4/13/2020 - 20:00, 4/28/2020


In celebration of the release of WOTVFFBE, the official will be hosting a FFBE Collaboration event.

The number of new players in FFBE as well as those who return to the game will determine the rewards given to players of both games!

Rewards in WOTVFFBE



MR+ Guaranteed Summon Ticket Fina


Commens and feedback



Comments (updated every hour)

I wouldn't put a lot of stock in JP tier list either though. Their version has many differen...
Aerith 18
Dum worry. They will alway new and better units to counter her ^+^
Guild: Irie&Mellow League: Diamond I Type: Semi-Competitive Statues: 4/3/5/3/4 Members: 2...
Falm 2
Her AGI and DEX need to be switched around on her EX stats. Should be 206 DEX and 63 AGI
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