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Guys, I'm sorry for announcing that the invite code trade forum is removed. If you made posts there, post it here again.


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Anonymous 1days ago
need an active guild i have 3s 140 lvl ready to push up the game !
Tifa 4days ago
Please add me
Daily active
Add me bro 6days ago
Add me, active daily
314555737949 6days ago
Active daily. Add me.
Anonymous 7days ago

Will send dailys pls add
Anonymous 7days ago
3135984619 Daily gifter
314555737949 8days ago
Daily gifter! Plus the visiore!314555737949
Graves 14days ago
Daily gifter! Plus the visiore! 232408228435
MiasmaWolf 15days ago

Active daily. Add me.
Anonymous 17days ago

New players add this code to get up to 10k free viz!
Chrism 30days ago
Active daily! Need friends! Would like to claim visoire all new players too Add me! 4221953008
Add me please: 3502119309

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Resol 2
cuz the whole thing revolves on the fact that she is a liar
Lucia in A is probably Black Rose Helena? BR Helena isnt anywhere on the list.
need an active guild i have 3s 140 lvl ready to push up the game !
Counter chance 80%, I mean.
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