Height 3 to Height 2

Height 3 to Height 2 in War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Effect, type, range, area, units, and level.
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update 07/11/2020

Table of contents

English Height 3 to Height 2
Japanese ハイト3をハイト2に


Ability TypeSupport Support
EffectReplaces own abilities targeting Height 3 with Height 2 only during battle

Upgrade Skills

CommandHeight 2 DisabledActivated By Height 3 to Height 2. Chance of inflicting Disable on targets within area around self for 3 turns & increases chance on targets whose Height is a multiple of 2.

Acquired By

Irdilla Levial Mariale Bellis


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*spoiler* im sad he dies in the story. all he wanted was some time with ramada :(
Locke 3
Yeah it's what I presume, thanks for the confirmation
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