Raid Boss: King Behemoth

King Behemoth raid event in wotvffbe. Map, enemy stats, tips, units, and vision cards.
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The 1st Global Only Unit: Fryevia!
update 13/06/2020
Raid Boss: King Behemoth
First Release Date (JP, JST))2020 June 10
First Release Date (GL, PST)

Featured Equipment

Notable Items from Raid Medal Shop (MogShop)

  • 1 Rainbow Fragment by 5,000 medals. Trade limit is 2.

  • 1 Rainbow Vision Sphere by 5,000 medals. Trade limit is 3.


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Guild ID: 2773362997 Statue: 4/4/4/4 Guild League: Gold I Looking for active players with at...
Will this TMR be equip-able on Laswell?
What reaction ability to set on her for pvp? Predictive fire or dark shadow (evade ct up)? Im thi...
Why so?
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