Raid Boss: King Behemoth

King Behemoth raid event in wotvffbe. Map, enemy stats, tips, units, and vision cards.
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New Vision Cards: Hournes First Division & Mindflayer
update 13/06/2020
Raid Boss: King Behemoth
First Release Date (JP, JST))2020 June 10
First Release Date (GL, PST)

Featured Equipment

Notable Items from Raid Medal Shop (MogShop)

  • 1 Rainbow Fragment by 5,000 medals. Trade limit is 2.

  • 1 Rainbow Vision Sphere by 5,000 medals. Trade limit is 3.


Does behemoth raid boss has CT reduction immunity?
<< Anonymous(Ngentot)
Anonymous 24days ago Reply
No, he doesn't
Can you please include recommended units and per level rewards? Thank you.
<< Anonymous(rhenzokuken)
Anonymous Reply
Top: laswell, gilgamesh, agrias
Sub: rain, cid, ruin sterne
<< Anonymous
DethOfWar Reply
Anon that is for the rare tonberry extra raid. for king behemoth he is weak to Pierce and Light. so Glaciela Viktora Oelde. Ramza Robb...mages that use holy

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I think this description here have a little mistake. 25 Slash resistance what written here is ...
Only highest party vc bonus will apply Except when the vc is held by a friend support unit
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