What esper for xiza

Last I checked there were no espers with strike bonus, should I just put a defensive esper like ochu or something


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Omega with dark attack up or Odin maneater
Equip Esper that give highest AGI point. So that you get to charm opponent at Turn 1. Aside than this & her TMR. She's pretty useless
dont use xiza, she sucks, just get her tmr and forget she exists
Lamia Queen has Strike Attack Up on it. That's the snake woman.
There is Behemoth with striking attack. Alternatively, maybe odin or tetra for evasion. Depends on how you gonna use Xiza for.

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probably yes
On JP this was released before Luartha VC
I love the super @@@ty account being used to show the effects lol half built fiesta
Oh yeah? Show us 5 matches of unedited Macherie action in 100 pvp.
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