Wondering about good esper/vision card/gear sets for garvall.

i'm semi new so i don't have a lot though i'm not shy to hardcore farm. any input is appreciated.

20days ago


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11days ago
diabolos esper/card is best as for gear xizas tmr with +5 gloves...just wait for a recipe event you can swap diabolos card for duanes if you have it but its limited so if you dont diabolos is fine
12days ago
I'm giving Yuna his TMR and Garvall Yuna's TMR, so he can cure himself and get protect and shell, and she can get some SPR penetration.
14days ago
Oh and Fleeting Blossom Banquet gives 10 light resistance too.
14days ago
Fleeting Blossom Banquet, anyone? 104 magic and 50% gained AP up...
19days ago
What Uroucyon_GameA said. Alternatively, you could use the bloody moon esper and the bloody moon VC, or black rose of the battlefield VC, depending on the rest of your party and their VC's.
19days ago
Dark Gloves, Soul of Thamasa, and his TMR is probably the best gear set, with Diabolos VC and esper.

Unfortunately, the gears are event related and it's already over. You'll have to check the main shop every so often to slowly buy dark gloves recipe for now.

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Looking for Unit + Best Esper/Vision pairing list

^^ if anyone has a link. Even just suggested pairings are fine. Thank you.
20days ago

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Anyone know if there is a Vision or Equipment/Gear that would increase the Experience Gain ??
Based on my experience, the material is far more tiring rather than the recipe itself.
She's just always sleepy. She was sleep before slashing around. And then back to sleep.
Vinera card
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