How to Block certain Skill on PVP ?

Block skill on pvp ?!

10days ago


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9days ago
Go to the screen where you set subjob, press and hold main job or subjob for two different sets of abilities, there's a small option in the bottom left for advanced enabling options

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Gilgamesh Kotetsu

How does the damage calculation really work on this skill? Especially because It doesn't say...
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What esper for xiza

Last I checked there were no espers with strike bonus, should I just put a defensive esper like o...
31days ago

Does party ability stack with additional party ability at max level?

For instance Winter Holiday Party of area attack resist as party ability and Leviatan VC that giv...

There is a link of BiS?

Or a FAQ about the best use of jobs and equipaments of each unit?

Will it really cost about 40k viz to ex break a limited unit?

Haven't read too deeply but wondering if there's more free shards than the usual curren...

Does Magic Atack Up works on spellblade atacks?

For example on taunting spell?

pull for Ildyra or wait for Levial?

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