Which subjob for Delita

Hey guys, which subjob would you recommend for Delita, especially for PvP?


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delita is best as glass cannon with immortal soul.
ur mom
Ignore the other poster.

Delita was and has been Kain before Kain came out.

Go paladin Sub. You will get 100% more mileage out of him. and max faith

Immortal spirit guarantees he survives a turn. Sentinel gets him bulky before engaging his next turn. Both Chant and saintly heal gives me over 1.6k and 800 hp, respectively, with Glinting sword (Dario's TMR equipped). Acquired AP up is all he needs for AP management.

Taunting Blade draws aggro. Blade bash is a solid status move for melee range.

Delita has enough base agi/luck to be evasive (I run Mythril armor, Ribbon, and Flame blade). Delita has enough base attack with Self sacrifice to still hit like a truck without Meditate.

People running meditate builds are doing themselves a disservice.
Delita's strength comes from his Meditate skill which requires the Squire subjob.
You can use him as a tank with Paladin subjob but you wouldn't really be maximizing his potential.

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