Does anyone here knows when they going to release warrior of light in global server?

Warrior of light

7days ago


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2days ago
Global's around 2.5 months behind JP, so I'd say late-June; give and take some.
7days ago
I really doubt anyone actually KNOWS when WoL is coming out in global version, but you can make educated guess with JP release schedule that WoL banner release happens in 1,5 to 3 months time. Most likely around 2 months mark from 20.5.
Check this sites page for release schedule to make your own deduction when he's most likely to come to global:

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Guild Name: R'lyeh Bored Guild ID: 1764900268 Members: 11/24 Statues: 3/2/3/2 Guild Rank...
the only way to get him to lvl 80 is with LB4. Fully awakened LB3 only gets you to lvl 79.
The issue was resolved. she's using haste and quick like normal and even pops a jamming thru...
Try farming at 2:1:9 «Fortem» Has Arrived. It have a higher drop percentage of 0.9% t...
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