Reactionary Heal

Reactionary Heal ability in wotvffbe. Stats, effect, range, area, reaction chance, and units.
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update 03/09/2021
English Reactionary Heal
Japanese リアクトヒール


Ability TypeReaction Reaction
EffectChance of recovering HP (Min) of allies within area around self when taking Dmg.

Range & Level

Range Height0
Area Height1

Effect at Max Level

Max Effect (at Lv.20)Dmg Counter Chance: 20%, HP: +60x

Useful Link: Ability Guide, JP Guide: How to Farm JP

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Velne 205
can't wait for Garvall's Sister.. i will try to pair her with 9S, but if it isn't ...
Not every unit is supposed to be an attacker. And lookie here, comparing a UR vs an MR.
Mediena 36
and she actually used to be top tier in PVP, thanks to Ninja she got high mobility, sum that with...
Should really have stayed as Man Eater, definitely fits it, if you know what i mean ◕ ◡ ◕
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