Upcoming Unit/Vision Card Release Schedule

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Upcoming Unit/Vision Card Release Schedule
update 24/07/2020
  • JP Release Date: May 23, 2022
  • Expected Global Release Date: Sep, 2022

Snow The One who Recognized by Shiva

Master Ability 2

Ramza Orlandeau Agrias Delita Mustadio Gaffgarion Salire Adelard

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Please Nier reruuuun pleaseeee!

Want my girl at 140
I guess they gave up on this site
Nier automata rerun please! Need 9s and 2b
Why has this page not been updated in almost 3 years. This was how I prepared for events and such.
Someone please put my invite code in 422195300834 need vis I’ll do the same
We need a nier automa rerun
2022 JP schedule
7/15 Unit Eurel(cost90,earth)
7/25 VC 炎を越えて
8/1 Unit Helena(cost100,summer,lightning)
8/9 Esper Dark-Ramuh
8/15 Unit Cherise(cost70,wind)Lissette(cost50,lightning)
8/23 Collab DQ-TACT
Unit Zoma(cost90,ice)
Unit Slime(cost20,lightning)
VC あらわれた強敵
9/1 Unit Psaro(cost90,fire)
9/5 VC 闇夜を彩る調べ
9/12 Unit Ibara
9/20 VC 東方からホルンへ
10/1 Unit Prene(cost100,water,Fes)
10/6 VC 受け継がれる意志
10/17 Unit Lu'Cia(halloween)
10/24 VC
11/1 Unit Rurugia(cost100,earth,Fes)
11/8 Collab FF7R Cloud,Tifa,Aerith,Barret
Unit Sephiroth(cost100,dark)
Unit Amnelis(cost100,water)
VC 英雄
11/22 Unit Yufi(cost90,fire)
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Keep going
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Unit Raviesse(cost70,ice,limited)
VC Wish on a Winter Night

12/23 FMA-collab & Crystal Fes
Unit Edward(Free,wind,limited)
Unit Alphonse(cost90,lightning,limited)
VC believer of brotherhood

1/1 FMA-collab
Unit Winged Sterne(cost100,light)
Unit Roy Mustang(cost90,fire,limited)
VC protector of the brotherhood

1/10 FMA-collab
Unit King-Bradley(cost100,earth,limited)
VC D-Bahamut
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Unit Reagen(cost100,ice)

VC joint struggle of different worlds

2/1 Darkness-Fes(kuromu)
Unit Viga(cost100,earth,Limited)
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edit:mistake on element

2/1 Darkness-Fes(kuromu)
Unit Viga(cost100,>>lightning<<,Limited)
Can we please get a FF8 Collaboration. I want Squall :D
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Yeah strong male dps character, you can count with finger.. Female unit all dominating, summer & winter unit all female.. GlEx & halloween not all but mostly female..
Well yeah as expected from Japanesse
<< Anonymous
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<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
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I don't understand why anybody would want any male characters. idk if you know this, but they have no booba, like, at all.
<< Anonymous
ohm Reply
Edd and Wig too
We no longer update the releases of upcoming units or vision cards, Gumi has paid us not to.

Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.
<< Anonymous(ADMIN)
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just switch to altema JP (translate english) then all info will be there
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nice, flitty greedy
<< Anonymous(ADMIN)
KG Reply
Absolute sell outs !

At least create another site under a different name and continue supporting this who knows you might get another pay out
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top kek

Real and true
In Japan, Reincarnation-System has been implemented 11/14 and the Lv can be raised from 120 to 140. With that, a large amount of mindsphere is needed if you want to be stronger.
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However, if you just want to get to Lv 140 and increase or reinforce master ability, you do NOT need so many mindspheres.
If you want to do HIGH level PvP, watch out.
<< Anonymous
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Can you explain why you don't need so many mindspheres ... but if you want to do high-level PvP watch out? Confusing.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Sorry for the confusion.
If you just want to reincarnate to Lv140 and release the master ability, you only need 120 mindspheres. But to increase the parameters, you will need 20 mindspheres each time you reincarnate. Please check the jp wiki for more information.
Glad you guys got the bag from gumi
They need to put in characters like Sydney

from Vagrant Story or Eve from parasite eve 1 and 2, what's the next event by the way

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just wanted to confirm ct average removes excess ct from buffs, and restores ct from debuffs? ... HOW YOU STEALING UNIT SHARD AND STEA...
Nope. He's not.
Always go critical. +15 critical bonus and a potential of 34 in the straight critical stat for a ...
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