New Test Subjects

New Test Subjects vision card in wotvffbe. Stats, effect, party ability, and how to get.
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update 17/12/2020

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New Test Subjects
EnglishNew Test Subjects
Time LimitedNo
Release Date (JP)2020 August
Release Date (GL)2020 Dec

Max Stats

4★, Lv.99

EffectsAcquired AP+30%
Party AbilityMissile Attack+25, Unit Attack Res+12
Additional Party Ability at Max LevelStrike Res+20 for Wind Allies



will the party ability stacking with another similiar vision card like frederika's dream or odin?
<< Anonymous
Telm Reply
My assumption would be no. That it would lock in that ability and missile attack as well. Be interested to hear something official on that though.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Fairly certain it doesn't, I've seen aigaion vc or demonwall vc effects not stack in multi teams with other cards.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I have tested it, it looks like it is stake. but it seems the second stake stats get reduced. cmiiw
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Not right now, but after 2nd anniversary (25 March) we gonna get some new features, one of it is Sub-VC. That's will allow a same buff/effect to stack by a variety of percentage depend on the types.
Are we sure this isn't time limited?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Rest assured, it's not limited.
the raccoon will become an experiment / shooting subject?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The raccoon already have a wound at his shoulder for sure
<< Anonymous
Ramada THIGHS Reply
Just look at her face, it tells you everything
<< Anonymous
Red Panda Reply
It’s a red panda
✧ Kupo_
Will this be good on Englebert? Surely it would get him to use Taunt blade faster right? :D
<< Anonymous(✧ Kupo_)
Anonymous Reply
If you turn off other AP skills, yes.

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Sakura 52
Do the MAG passive stack? Thanks in advance.
Fina went from being "i'm sorry" to "call me mommy"
Diabolos give Dark ATK not Magic %... its Bloody Moon that gives MAG% and its 30% yes
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