3M Downloads Celebration Campaign Part 1 (Global)

WOTVFFBE 3M downloads celebration campaign. Login bonus, featured summon, featured unit shop, memorial shop, commemorative quest and normal summon.
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update 29/04/2020
3M Downloads Celebration Campaign (Global)


・This Event has a JP version. Click here to visit the event page.
・For 3M Downloads Celebration Campaign Part 2, see here.

Login Bonus

3M Downloads Celebration Campaign (Global)

Commemorative Quest

3M Downloads Celebration Campaign (Global)

You can attempt this quest once a day to get Rainboe Vision Sphere/Rainbow Fragment of Thought as quest mission rewards and Gil Snapper/Awoken Prisms/Fragment of Thought as item drops.

3M Downloads Shop

3M Downloads Celebration Campaign (Global)

Notable Items to Purchase

ItemGil・VisioreTrade Limit
Daily Free EXP Cube Mx1001
Phantom Sphere of Starbowx11,000,000 Gil1
Fragments of the Will of Rainbowx11,000,000 Gil1
Grow Egg SRx10320,000 Gil10
Grow Egg Rx1080,000 Gil10
Grow Egg Nx1020,000 Gil10
Adamantite largex10128,000 Gil10
Adamantite midx1064,000 Gil10
Adamantite smallx1032,000 Gil10

Featured Summon (Aileen & Ziza)

3M Downloads Celebration Campaign (Global)

Featured Shop (Aileen & Xiza)

3M Downloads Celebration Campaign (Global)
ItemGil・VisioreTrade Limit
Aileen Shardx402,000 Visiore3
Xiza Shardx402,000 Visiore1
Fragments of the Will of Eathx101,000 Visiore5
Fragments of the Will of Darkx101,000 Visiore5
Memory of Lancer・Azurex15,000 Gil1
Memory of Monk・Azurex15,000 Gil1
Memory of Lancer・Jadex12,500 Gil1
Memory of Monk・Jadex12,500 Gil1

Normal Summon

3M Downloads Celebration Campaign (Global)


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Thank you for this information. I had no idea it was implemented already
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