Bahamut (Vision Card)

Bahamut vision card in wotvffbe. WOTVFFBE 1st year anniversary event, stats, effect, party ability, and events.
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update 18/11/2020

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Bahamut (Vision Card)
EnglishBahamut (Vision Card)
Time LimitedNo
Release Date (JP)2020 Nov
Release Date (GL)

Max Stats

4★, Lv.99

Effects(Light Unit Restricted) Magic Attack+15
Party AbilityMAG+50% for Light Allies, AGI+8 for Light Allies
Additional Party Ability at Max LevelUnit attack Res+20 for Light Allies



Anonymous 2days ago
This VC is beyond broken... Scummy game af! I'm seriously thinking of dropping it off... How are you even suppose to counter this BS?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 23hour ago Reply
Ramuh already adds 50% mag when maxed, only difference is the combination of 8 agi and 20 unit res which odin VC has

elemental bonus is not exclusive to this card, and most of the other esper VCs have similar bonuses like fenrir is getting 50% atk for ice iirc

The meta is shifting from mage focused to speed/evade/range, because its going to be mutually assured destruction
Esvie 14days ago
Bahamut needs to eat a sammich
<< Anonymous(Esvie)
Anonymous 14days ago Reply
Where are her organs
When this card got released, i think a unit with spellblade job will be essential. Just to make sure they wont one shot your unit (even the tank) in pvp.
Could a card be any more broken? Whatever it takes to get morons to spends hundreds of dollars I guess, even if it breaks the game with 90% of JP players using the exact same unit and VC.
Picture doesn’t really do FFX Bahamut justice. Needs more Over-Stomach and EX-Wings.
Let's go Rosa, I know where we're not wanted. We'll just have to put our ambitions on _Ice_
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Let it go
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The cold never bothered me anyway

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I sure hope they make a monk Vallaide UR with dialogue since the guy is too sexy and manly to be ...
Yuna 40
Yes, 2 per day and you could also trade it with mog medals.
And then you meet with unit that love using guaranted hit skill
Guild: Zodiac Order Guild ID: 2736864807 Guild Leader: Inan Statues: 5/5/6/5 Current League: ...
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