FFVII Remake Collaboration Event

FFVII Remake Collaboration Event in wotvffbe. Login bonus, free UR unit, limited character featured summon, and event shop.
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update 29/03/2021

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FFVII Remake Collaboration Event

Announced in the producer letter via the in-game announcement on the JP version, Final Fantasy VII remake will be having a collaboration with War of the Visions scheduled to arrive in April 21st. The new UR units confirmed are Cloud and Tifa.

From the announcement, it is mentioned that there will be 2 parts to the event, and Tifa is presumably the free unit. Unit details are still in development, so not much is shared just yet. More information will be revealed on April 17th.


FFVII Remake Collaboration Event

An official livestream to announce further details of the collaboration will be held on 17th of April at 8 PM (JST).

The main MC of the stream is the voice actor of Mont Leonis and Kilphe, Kensho Ono and Nozomi Nishida respectively, and some others.

Watch it live on their official youtube channel by clicking on the link above.

Login Bonus

FFVII Remake Collaboration Event

FFVII Remake medals are given starting from the 1st of April to the 21st. These medals can be used to exchange for Cloud and/or Tifa shards.


Anonymous 15days ago
I would love to get UR Vincent but it’s the remake version, so pleeease release Sephiroth
Knoud 17days ago
How much time til we get this event in global?
<< Anonymous(Knoud)
Uroucyon_GameA 17days ago Reply
probably 4 or 5 months later
ya 18days ago
not a chance , Vincent hasnt come out in remake yet. and since this is a remake collab, not original collab, so.. i think only the 4 first units available
Lutzy41 19days ago
Hoping for a Vincent Valentine UR unit!

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Anyone know if there is a Vision or Equipment/Gear that would increase the Experience Gain ??
Based on my experience, the material is far more tiring rather than the recipe itself.
She's just always sleepy. She was sleep before slashing around. And then back to sleep.
Vinera card
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